A story based on the best raw materials

In January 1929, E. A. Murphy, a scientist at the Dunlop Rubber Company, based in Birmingham, England, succeeded in the first experiments made by mixing liquid latex with chemical agents in a cake mixer, followed by heating this mass into shapes. Currently, Dunlopil Latex foam is considered the best raw material for upholstery on the planet, being widely used in the manufacture of products for comfort.

In Brazil, the history of the high quality of Dunlopillo products started in 1998, with its importation, processing and marketing by Copespuma Industrial Ltda. As a result of continuous technological evolution and the pursuit of excellence in comfort, we provide all Brazilians with a high-standard brand. The high quality of the Talalay Latex is synonymous with well-being and health.

After all, Dunlopillo is perfect in everything it does. Currently, our products can be found at more than 2,000 sales outlets across Brazil, to guarantee you the best night’s sleep. Our processes combine hand-crafted work with care in choosing the best raw materials, which makes each product a work of art, tailored to your needs.

Dunlopillo has, in the great demand of each of its consumers and in the manufacturing processes, the necessary certification to bring to the market a high-tech standard, in addition to unmatched comfort. After all, your rest deserves the best. It deserves Dunlopillo.