Talalay Latex

Talalay is a manufacturing process that allows the creation of the best raw material for comfort products: latex. It gives it have a soft, resilient consistency, which adapts to the shapes or curves of the body thanks to its cellular structure, classified as spaced, as well as its characteristics as a “breathing” material, remaining warm in the winter and cool the in summer.

Manufacturing Method The production of latex begins with the extraction of rubber in liquid form from tropical rubber trees. Once harvested, it is poured into a mold and sealed. Thus, a vacuum is created to disperse the liquid through the mold and allow it to undergo rapid freezing.

The frozen latex is rapidly heated, becoming a gel, which is then solidified. This process is called vulcanization, and is characterized by a variation in temperature from -30°C to +115°C.

The following step consists of ventilating the material, followed by washing and rinsing with fresh water. This is then followed by the Curing Process of the raw material, until the desired consistency is reached. The result of this complex process is a product of infinitely superior quality compared to others.

Advantages of Talalay Natural Latex free of chemicals
Keeps the temperature cool
High durability
Anti-mite and antimicrobial properties
Provides excellent support for the head, neck and body
Unmatched comfort